First Wave Engineering is committed to offering the highest levels of service and technical support. We provide technical support by telephone and on-site, where necessary. We go to extraordinary lengths in support of the customer, including late night and weekend site visits when downtime is critical. We know that in many control applications, downtime simply is not an option.


Technical support is complemented by a full repair service, delivering repaired products back to the customer at a significantly reduced cost compared with replacement.

Technical Support

Users can call First Wave Engineering and get a fast response to their queries. Whether it is relatively simple procedural guidance that is needed, or a complicated programming or application headache, customers can be assured that they will get an answer quickly.

Where new applications are encountered, First Wave Engineering emulates the technical requirements of the application in our test laboratory to ensure correct product specification and configuration before shipment to the customer. If necessary, testing is also carried out at the customer’s site before commissioning the actual products to be used.

Repairs and Maintenance

First Wave Engineering also provides a full maintenance and repair service which delivers products back to the customer as good as new and with a full warranty covering the work completed.

Knowing that control products are usually needed in a hurry, our turnaround times on service and repairs are as short as possible. In some instances, replacement products can be loaned to customers to overcome short term problems.

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