NJ600B Series

Multifunctional / Multiapplication Universal Vector Frequency Inverter

High Starting Torque

  • High starting torque of 150% or more at 0.5HZ.
  • Smooth operation with easy adjustment.

Programming Function

  • Sequence operation is realized by downloading a program to an inverter.
  • Significant cost can be saved by simplifying or eliminating external hardware.

Cost Effective

  • Built-in EMC Filter up to 160kw
  • Integrated brake circuit up to 30kw
  • Saving installation space and total cost of the system

Ten Years of Lifespan Easier Maintenance

  • High quality components with warning functions which can be easily maintained or replaced when the inverter fails to work.


  • Internal PC board with varnish coating.
  • Nickel-plated treatment of the circuit copper bus-bar.
  • Meeting main environmental standards.

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