Data centers use massive amounts of energy and 40% of this goes to cooling systems. Other consumers are the IT equipment itself housed within the facility. Increasing density is set to raise this metric eightfold by 2030. With this, electricity cost has been a pain point for data center operators. Couple this with the carbon emission that stands in the way of sustainability. It is no surprise that operators are chasing ways to lower their facility’s Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) by leveraging cooling efficiency practicesOne of these ways is integrating Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) into the cooling systems.

Hitachi Variable Speed Drive SJ700, SJ700D, SJ700BSJ Series P1WJ200 has been assessed according to the assessment criteria of the Singapore Green Building Product certification scheme.

Hitachi is an industry leader in manufacturing of industrial inverters. Whether you’re looking for single phase inverters, a 3 phase industrial inverter, a bidirectional inverter for greater flexibility, Hitachi has a solution for customers.

Hitachi industrial inverters use the innovative and robust Japanese technology for which the company is known all over the world. Hitachi has always been on the cutting edge of technology. They are continuously improving their product lines, including their industrial inverters. These inverters come with advanced features that aim for greater flexibility, reliability, efficiency and better performance in general. The latest introduction to an impressive product line is the world’s most advanced variable frequency drive (VFD), the Hitachi SJ Series P1 industrial inverter.

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